In order to ensure I build a web site with which you are completely happy in a 'typical' engagement I will follow the following process. Our timescales will be dependent upon a number of factors including provision of feedback from yourself and information required such as the provision of any digital images you are supplying. At all stages you will be able to view progress on a test domain which we will provide.

  1. Upon order I will register any domain names (or alternatives) required immediately. If required, I will provide a simple holding page and image of your choice to indicate the site will be live soon. This could contain basic contact information for your business if you wish to make the site immediately useful, even before it has been completed;
  2. I will build a simple outline site with menus to demonstrate layout and navigation around the site. We will together agree the navigation and deliver this within one week typically. This will also incorporate basic html structure, keywords (for search engines) and basic testing of the initial site;
  3. I will build a Cascading Style Sheet for the site and agree a basic design and layout. This is the most important aspect of the design and build process, and time will be spent to get this ‘right’ to your satisfaction. Here we will agree colour schemes, any background images or colours, font sizes and colours. We will together agree the basic layout elements of each page. This style will be replicated throughout the site for a consistent ‘look and feel’ to your web site. This will be agreed and delivered within 2 -4 weeks depending upon the level of your initial thoughts and speed of feedback;
  4. Responsive web site features will be incorporated as will accessibility features;
  5. Content will be incorporated onto the pages, together with links between text and pages and the digital images supporting each page. At this stage I will populate pages with any images of your providing. This should take between a further 1-2 weeks. You are responsible for the provision of content to us for editing into the site;
  6. The site will then be thoroughly tested (on a test site) at this stage of completion before finally loading it onto your chosen domain and testing in situ;
  7. You should note that whilst I will provide keywords and page meta data for search engine indexing, I have no control over these search engines and the manner in which they work and hence the visibility of your site in searches. How visible your site becomes on these search pages depends on many factors beyond my control. You could appear high in the list very quickly with specific and appropriate keywords or perhaps you may not move up the rankings for some months. The selection of the most appropriate and accurate keywords and meta data is crucial here and this is something we will work together on in Step 2 above, enabling us to subsequently test their visibility during the remaining design. You may also wish to consider:
    • Google sponsored ads in searches;
    • Sponsored ads on other appropriate industry specific web sites (or publications).

Timescales are entirely indicative and may be compressed. I am very flexible in my approach with you. My  experience suggests most clients spend a lot of time with us in getting the ‘best design' for them and often need to spend time rethinking the content once they see what is possible and how it looks.

If you have any further questions on how we would approach the design and build of your site don't hesitate to contact me.