QHow long will all of this take?
Building a web site can take from as little as a few days to many months. Many factors affect this: including how ready you are and what thoughts you have had about your potential site; its likely complexity and how many people are involved in its design and content.
Most sites will be built progressively over a period of a few months but I have built a few sites in 2 or 3 days where the customer has a very clear idea of what they want and has already prepared much of the content. Larger, more complex, sites with many pages and high levels of functionality can take much longer, e.g. many months, to build.
However, with Steve Gibbon Web Designs, usually there is nothing to pay until the site is completed and you are completely satisfied with it.


QHow much will this cost?
There are many variables in building a web site and how long this process will take - the number of pages on the site being only an indicator.
Through initial discussions with you and agreeing a scope of work I am always happy to provide a fixed price quotation for everything I do. This gives you clear budgetary planning and peace of mind without an open ended agreement over which you have little control.