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I can design a website with you from a blank page or perhaps your existing website needs a revamp or review - is it slow to load, does it feel in need of a mid-life refresh, perhaps you want a 'mobile' version as your current website is not mobile friendly. Do you want the ability to maintain it yourself?

These are sometimes difficult questions for existing website owners. Do you go to the expense of a website redesign from scratch or do you look at a revamp and tidy up of the existing website?

There are of course many factors contributing to this issue and ultimately only you can decide. Perhaps what is needed is a review and test of your website by Steve Gibbon Web Designs where I will formally report on what I have found and offer you some options on the way forward, based on solid facts.

I will offer a fixed price review and report on your existing website in sensible timescales to help you in this process - please contact me for more details.

Some of the issues I will consider (in no specific order) are:

  • Use of CSS vs an aphazard mix of style and content;
  • Standards compliance - cross browser support and 'future proofing';
  • Whether the website is responsive i.e. Suitability for today's plethora of different devices.
  • Maintainability of the website;
  • Accessibility;
  • Usability;
  • Readability of the website;
  • Use of imagery;
  • The overall visual impact (or lack of) on a website - its general design;
  • How 'bulletproof' the existing design is?
  • Navigation and clarity of where (as a user) you are on the website;
  • Are the key objectives for the site conveyed to the user - who are your audiences?
  • Search Engine visibility - approriate keyword usage of your website;
  • Speed to load;
  • Review the use of a need for scripted code - especially as work arounds or 'hacks'.

If you simply wish me to quote for a new design, structure and content then please don't hesitate to contact me.

A bit about Steve

You may have come here looking for some help with a web site. If you have come here for my sailing, woodworking, cycling or family history pages pop over here.

OK I build web sites - usually for small businesses, community or volunteer groups. I know what it can be like for you - unsure about costs, what you get for your money, will it be worth it? I will be absolutley clear right up front. There will be no hidden charges and you will get my full support. You may not even have to pay anything until your site goes live. Your satisfaction is my focus. I can provide great references from other satisfied customers. There is nothing to lose by contacting me - I won't hassle you afterwards. I like to keep it worry free for you.

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