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On January 18th 2024 I provided an online 30 minute presentation to the Volunteer Organisation Network (VON) for Museum Development NorthEast (MDNE).The subject is Enhancing volunteer-led museums through the use of simple I.T.. I speak with over 40 years experience in I.T. and 17 in designing and building websites and my last 5 years as volunteer Chairman of a volunteer-led small rural museum.

The attached content and the pdf of the slide set contain information/warnings on USB Sticks in organisations which was verbally mentioned at the end of the presentation when first given.

I attach the presentation in pdf format but this article adds to that presentation and provides more and supporting information. Apologies for its length but I have used a contents index to help navigate more easily. The page structure reflects the content of the presentation as best I can.

Leveraging Information Technology (I.T.) for Growth and Accessibility

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