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Friday 14th June

  • From: Home
  • To: Home
  • LEJOG miles cycled: 0 (0 planned)
  • Miles cycled: 608.08

Today was a rest day at home. Time to clean and oil the bike, wash and dry all my kit, and have a couple of baths - sheer luxury.

I also took in a massage. My shoulder had been stiffening up by the afternoons - my posture on the handlebars is clearly not perfect for 10 hours in the saddle - so I arranged a massage with Fay's Treatments in Haltwhistle to try and sort out my stiff shoulder. I have had a massge with Fay before, for a strained back muscle and she works wonders. She is local but has practiced her trade for many years in London. A half hour of heat treatment on my shoulder worked wonders and at least I shall be refreshed tomorrow, even though it is likely to return, as nothing about my back has changed!

Great day off had a good rest. Up for an ealry train at 0723 tomorrow to restart the ride at Carlisle. Join us again soon to see where else we can get lost on this lovely adventure. Tomorrow is due to be 66 miles - put a bet on somewhere as to whether we will exceed 70!

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