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Monday 10th June

  • From: Worcester
  • To: Whitchurch
  • LEJOG miles cycled: 74 (66 planned)
  • Miles cycled: 407.35
  • Map of the Journey 

The woods are lovely, dark and deep
But I have promises to keep
and miles to go before I sleep
and miles to go before I sleep

(Robert Frost)

The Bluck Odeometer is at it again and the planned 66 miles turned into 74!

Don’t stay at the St Lawrence ‘Hotel’ in Worcester – a bit dirty and basic but most of all not good value for money. We have had much better B&B’s for far less cost on this journey. The St Lawrence has a lot to learn.

We used a lot of roads today, bigger ones at the start of the ride out of Worcester and into the destination at Whitchurch. In between it was smaller back roads and some tracks.

Weather still good and we enjoyed a large part of the day in the beautiful Severn valley. At Arley we stopped to look down from a high bridge onto the Severn Valley Railway (volunteer, restoration) and also Arley station, very picturesque. Guess what – an older couple were walking up the road, saw our pennants and gave us a donation. To think I had though that as we were on roads all day we may not see anyone to get a donation from – oh yee of little faith in the great British public.

A lovely ride to Bridgnorth, a lovely stop for tea and cake and then Colebrookdale and the great Iron Bridge – what a fine sight. Home of early iron production the valley is little with furnaces, bridges and even the road kerbs are made of iron.

We climbed away from the Iron Bridge and left the main road with traffic thinning out. The gorge opened up into a plateau/wide valley and we were suddenly treated to a wonderful view of the meandering Severn in the valley floor.

Further along, before Atcham, we joined up with Robert’s friend Bill McCabe who acted as our pace man for about 12 miles. Bill is the first of several people joining us in the next week.  Bill kindly treated us to tea at a very smart hotel with comfy sofas in the garden, a place we would have otherwise bypassed.

Then on a hard slog of busy roads to the very lovely Shropshire town of Whitchurch and a fabulous B&B with a bath – yes a bath not a shower tonight!

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