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Sunday 9th June

  • From: Elberton
  • To: Worcester
  • LEJOG miles cycled: 66.57 (63 planned)
  • Miles cycled: 333.35
  • Map of the Journey 

(To be spoken in a broad Yorkshire accent) 

From Elberton, on now to Worcester,
Riding into the wind, fit for Borcester!
But then cake and tea
Revive us, and we Glide along,
like a light feather Dorcester*

*this is poetic license – ie its not true!

We have had head winds since Land’s End and at times today they are quite strong, slowing us down somewhat. Fortunately they are warm.

Great breakfast today at an excellent B&B, Redhills Farm, Elberton. The proprietress, Shirley Ford, very kindly gave us a donation – we have managed donations without asking every day so far. The British public are so kind. See more of this later.

In the shadow of the Severn the start was colder than usual today so the first hour required a three layer top, removing one layer at 1000 and the second layer at lunch time when it really warms up.

Leaving Elberton we have views of the Severn Bridges and cross leafy small Gloucestershire roads and villages. We can tell we are in Gloucestershire as we see a large proportion of BMWS, Jaguars, horses out for rides, horse boxes, grand manors and large houses. We could not afford to live here – I am not sure we can afford to cycle here!

We soon reach the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal which meets the Severn at Slimbridge where the first swing bridge delays our progress – the first of three to do so today. Still – it allowed a stop for tea and we met the lovely Jim and Maggie Berry (retired) also cycling but also sailors (505s). They quickly dipped in their pockets and gave us a donation on hearing what we were doing – so inspiring!

We followed the canal for a while where National Cycle Network route 45 left the canal and went via road and the edge of the Severn via Frampton on Sea. What a fantastic (and expensive looking ) village. Coincidentally, recently I was a judge in the RYA Club of the Year competition and Frampton on Severn Sailing Club were a finalist – nice to visit their locality.

We rejoined the canal for the ride into Gloucester docks. Along the way we came across a light ship (originally on the Humber) rather like that which forms the Royal Northumberland Yacht Club House. This one was a port ship marker. It had a café. Robert was not that interested until I pointed out it was also the home of a Buddhist retreat centre! So sailing and tea for me, Buddhism and tea for Robert. Robert got talking to the owners and managed to get a guided tour of the retreat centre so the stop lasted a little longer than intended.

We had trouble finding route 45 out of the docks so did a complete tour of the area – the only time we got slightly lot today. The striking thing about the route into and out of Gloucester is how little of the town you see other than the docks. A beautiful rural ride.

From here we made our way to Tewkesbury via The Severn, minor roads and route 45. We crossed the M5 a number of times. In Tewkesbury we stopped at a Costa and received unbidden our third donation of the day – this time from a lady whose husband had died recently but he had received Hospice are and she fully understood the need for hospice funding. So kind.

Now between Tewkesbury and Worcester we had an odd incident. You will see why it is odd shortly – a little explanation is required first. In planning this ride I have planned for spares – besides tools and spare inner tube I carry a spare folded beadles emergency tyre and some spare spokes as well as chain links. I have been unsuccessful in convincing Robert to carry similar spares beyond the spare inner tube. Then Roberts shoe cleat dislodged from his pedal – the cause was a screw which had worked loose. No problem! Of all the spares I had not brought Robert, for unexplainable reasons, had brought a spare set of cleats and screws. I had considered and dismissed this. This caused us much mirth and only a minute to remedy.

Uneventful NOW to our final destination of Worcester along minor roads and a small A road.        

67 miles today vs our planned 63 so closer today than yesterday’s mammoth distance. Our B*B was not be recommended, a bit dirty and very basic – I hope we get a good breakfast. Tomorrow sees us go via Telford, and Shrewsbury to…

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