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Saturday 8th June

  • From: Bishop's Lydeard
  • To: Elberton
  • LEJOG miles cycled: 81.85 (68 planned)
  • Miles cycled: 266.78
  • Map of the Journey

From Taunton to Bristol today,
Was eighty odd miles on the way!
We saw planets on towpaths*
and level but slow paths
Severn bridges and cart loads of hay.

*On the canal into Bridgwater there are sculptures of the planets distributed along the canal in proportion to their distance from the Sun. You can see a few pictures of these on our Facebook page.

Glorious weather again today as we left our very generous host Chris and Hilary, well rested.

Today's ride was planned at 68 miles and was largely flat using the old railways and towpaths to take us just north of Bristol. Sadly a few things went wrong!

  1. About six miles into the ride we took a wrong turn and ended half way up a near OFI hill before realising our mistake. I was determined to be beaten by this hill so early in the day and 'honked' up the hill out of the saddle. It was a tad irritating when our navigator realised his error just short of the top!
  2. In Bridgewater we took a slight diversion to photograph Robert outsie of SJS Cycles with his Thorn bike from the said shop. We had visited yesterday but not on the bikes. However we got lost going into Bridgewater and the slight diversion cost us at least half an hour.
  3. We had no tea room or cafe at all until the lovely Strawberry Line Cafe at Yatton and thus very little in the way of rest stops or fuel.
  4. We have no idea where the rest of the extra 14 miles happened - perhaps we got lost between Jupiter and Venus as we never saw Mars! The canal out of Bridgwater had planet sculptures along it spaced proportionally with their distance from the sun. See some pictures on Facebook.

Don't forget you can also see more, including photos, posted more promptly than the blog on my Facebook page