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Sunday 2 June

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Back from holiday last night so a rush to pack today before the early 0500 start Monday and the need to check everything is OK.

No it isn't! Got everything together and then packed the top box and two side panniers - I could barely lift the "!£$(! bike. A rethink needed - started making a list of what to lose and what to replace. An hour later a repack and I have lost at least 6 lbs of weight - still heavy but more acceptable.

  • Bike checked - check.
  • Bike lubricated before the off - check.
  • Tynedale Hopsice and sponsors flag mounted to pole and then to bike - check.
  • Travel clothes ready - check.
  • Spare spokes taped to frame - check.
  • Spare tyre (mine and one for the bike) packed - check.
  • Spare inner tube packed - check.
  • Plethora of train tickets for me and the bike packed - check.
  • List of B&Bs printed and packed - check.

That seems like it - let's hope those muscles I stretched cycling and playing football while on holiday get sorted out for Tuesday :)

Apprehensive - yes! Excited - not yet!

Watch this space.