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Wed 24 April

  • From: Home
  • To: Alston/Whitfield
  • LEJOG miles cycled: 0
  • Miles cycled: 40.6
  • Map of the Journey

Another training day today - all long rides from now until LEJOG will be with full panniers and kit - and not much to report. A quick 40 mile circular.

Sadly the better weather has not yet decided to stay with us. Today was characterised by some rain and big gusty headwinds which caused us to re-evaluate the intended day's journey twice. Going up the very steep bank out of Lambley village a big gust hit me head on and literally stopped the bike dead in its track - with me clipped in at the pedals. In the ensuing few milliseconds it was a desparate rush to unclip one or both feet whilst visions of falling on my side clipped to the bike rushed through my paniced brain. Phew - just made it in the nick of time, then had to apply the brakes quickly before the weight of bike and panniers took me back down hill!

It is at times like this you wonder how you keep going - of course "other sports are available", which reminds me I am off early this evening for my first sail at South Shields Sailing Club, Wedneday night race evenings. Let's hope for better weather in 5 weeks time (is that all?).