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  • From: Bed
  • To: Dining Room, living room
  • LEJOG miles cycled: 0
  • Miles cycled: 0

Damnation! I have a bad cold (are all colds bad with men?). As I had Bronchitis a few years ago, whenever I get a cold on my chest it seems to linger for 2 weeks and is difficult to shrug off. The downside of this is the frustration at not getting out and doing some more training. Still, on the bright side, at least I have the cold with just under 9 weeks to go and not immediatley before or during the ride. At this present moment I don't think I could cycle 5 miles.

9 weeks! It's both exciting and scary at the same time with the ride approaching fast. We have the journey planned, accommodation booked, outward rail tickets (for us and the bikes) booked and by Friday (5th April) we should have the return journey booked. That should just leave the little problem of cycling 1001+ miles between train stations or as Robert would suggest - that's just 1 miles (easy), repeated a few times.