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Land Ends vs Land's End - Spot the Difference

  • From: Home
  • To: Corbridge
  • LEJOG miles cycled: 0
  • Miles cycled: 35

Today (Friday 15th March) we intended to do a few miles but primarily to go via Hexham Railway Station to buy our cheap advanced tickets to Penzance and book the bikes on the train. Success on that score at a very good advance price - whoopee! We intended to put on our usual 50-60 miles but had no pre-planned route after Hexham. As it turns out Robert was feeling "out of sorts" so we simply cycled on to Corbridge, had coffee and cake and turned round for home taking random decisions as to the route when confronted with choices.



Bizarely we came across this road so decided to take that route wherever it went! Can you spot the difference? Did we just take a worm hole a few hundred miles and start our trip early? Yes - slightly different spelling but coincidental none the less and it caused us a few minutes of amusement and anticipation.


Land Ends?

Bike Brain (my fantastic iphone app) has loaded the trip details to my Facebook page together with a map of the route which you can also view by just clicking the link. Perhaps we should have a caption competition on this one?